Zuke's Z-Bones Clean Apple Crisp Large Dental Chew Dog Treats – 6 ct. Pouch

Product description

Help keep your dog's breath fresh and his teeth clean with Zuke's Z-Bone With Apples large dental chews. These edible dental chews feature apple, spinach and herbs in every bite, and they are made with parsley, alfalfa and fennel to help support a clean mouth and fresh breath. Every serving contains added vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, giving you more reasons to feel good about serving these dental chews to your canine companion. The potato-based formula helps to polish his teeth and maintain his healthy gums, so he can be proud to flash his pearly whites. Made without wheat gluten, cornstarch or synthetic chlorophyll, these dental chews offer a grain-free way to care for your dog's oral hygiene. We package these treats in a convenient pouch, so you can always have tasty chews ready for your best buddy. Let him savor the mouthwatering flavor and chewy texture found in every serving, and rest easy knowing he's getting a wholesome way to keep doggy breath at bay.

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