Soft Touch Collars Raspberry Pink Leather Braided Dog Leash, 6 foot x 3/4 inch , Great Training or Walking Lead for Large and Medium Sized Dogs

Product description

SIZE – 6 FEET X 3/4 INCH Our 6 ft. x 3/4 inch pink leash is great for walking or training your dog. Beautifully made from high quality full grain genuine leather. The padded handle helps protect your hands when you have a dog that likes to pull on walks. It's super soft, durable and stylish. Beautifully designed with a two tone pink and light pink padded handle. Our genuine 6 foot leather lead is made from high quality materials with attention to every detail. Professional dog trainers recommend a 6ft lead for walking and training large and medium dogs. If you have a small dog please check out our 4ft x 1/2 inch leash. Our leather leashes are braided by hand to offer superior strength, durability and comfort while able to handle the weight of large dogs. It also gives your dog room to roam on walks or runs. Don't forget to check out our matching leather padded collars. Sold separately ✓ If your tired of cheap dog leashes click the buy button for a supreme leash that is priced right.

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