Rogz Glow in the Dark Reflective Cat Collar with Breakaway Clip and Removable Bell, fully adjustable to fit most breeds, Jumping Black Cat Design

Product description

Is reflective enough on a cat collar? Reflective is paramount when kitty heads out into the night to skirt the neighbors' houses as any light that catches the reflective material on the collar will make anyone aware if kitty is crossing the road. But without light, your cat remains invisible at night. Well, he used to until Rogz brought out the GlowCat Collar. These glow-in-the-dark cat collars are not only reflective, made with a polyurethane reflective as found in sports shoes on the inside but also have a unique glow-in-the-dark polyurethane on the outside with an overlay print so you can have a lot of fun turning off the lights and watching where kitty goes in the dark. Our cat collars are fitted with a unique breakaway load buckle that doesn't just breakaway if kitty gets it hooked on something, but you can adjust the setting depending on the weight of your cat. If you have a little guy, then you would want the setting on +6.6lbs to ensure he has enough strength to cause the collar to breakaway. If your Tom Cat is built like the Hulk, you know that the slightest brush against something will cause that collar to breakaway: why not try our +11lbs setting? Safety is still our top priority so no matter what setting, the buckle will breakaway if placed under too much strain. With a removable bell to allow you to choose whether you (and kitty's prey) can hear them coming or not, Rogz has pulled out all the stops to bring you a cat collar that will allow your kitty to shine out amongst all the others when prowling the streets AND be brilliantly visible even on the darkest nights!

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