Dog Training Collar, PESTON Shock Collar for Dogs – Rechargeable and Waterproof, All Size Dogs (10Lbs – 100Lbs), 1000 Foot Range

Product description

PESTON dog-training collar – help correct your dog's bad behaviors. Dogs are the best friends of human, the most faithful companions and intimate family members, they are cute, considerate, kind … but sometimes “naughty” …yes. Sometimes, this intimate family member does do some naughty things… They barked day and night, so that your neighbors can never sleep well; they approach and sniff strangers, which embarrasses you; they chase cars or people, which is dangerous… In other situations, maybe your dog is obedient, soft, and not “naughty”, but you still want him or her to become smarter… For both cases, your dog needs your love and patience to correct or learn some behaviors, ideally, with the help of some professional staff. That is when our PESTON dog collar is most useful: 3 training mode, 330yd remote control, waterproof, 480mAh rechargeable battery, reliable performance… All in all, you will find how great the improvement of your dog's behavior is! At last, if you have not got one, place an order now and you will be satisfied for your decision!

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