Beirui Leather Dog Leash – Training & Walking Braided Dog Leash – 4 ft by 1/2 In (120cm 1.2cm) – Latigo Leather Brown

Product description

Size Information: 4 ft X 1/2 In (120cm x 1.2cm) Package: One leather leash Identification of Genuine Leather 1)Smell Real leather has a characteristic smell,not in a pleasant nor pungent. It's fur flavor. 2)Feeling Genuine leather are soft and easily shaped, twisted. And they are easy to recover. Maintenance Instruction: 1)Keep the leather dog in dry bags away from going mouldy. 2)Oil makes the leather in good looking and get rid of corrosion. 3)Hang it in a high place to avoid chewing by your naughty pets. 4)Wash it by clean water without detergent. 5)Never solarize it in burning sunshine. 6)Keep it away from fire and never burn it.

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