Brown Leather Dog Training Leash | Leather Leash for Small, Medium or Large Dog Breeds | Perfect for walking and training | Heavy Duty Dog Training Leash by Adityna, 6 foot long

Product description

Some call it training dog leash, some call it leather dog leash, some even call it dog running leash. Call it however you want because one thing's for certain – Adityna' Dog Leash Leather will keep you and your dog SAFE for a LONG time! Picture this: You decide to walk your dog one night. He/She is a strong puller and also gets excited when a sound comes on or a squirrel/cat gets in front of you. The next thing you notice is your dog, 20 yards away from you! You're the only one who knows how bad this can go. A strong leather leash would've been fantastic to avoid this mess! Or maybe you just got tired of painful arms after walking your dog. Scratches on your hand, uncontrolled walks, missed training sessions or even worse – dogs lost because of broken leashes. A Heavy Duty Dog Leash would make your life easier. Here's why: 2 YEARS WARRANTY: We fully support your buying decision with great quality products and outstanding customer care. RESISTANT: This is a 6 foot dog leash and ¾ inch wide. It has been treated and painted to provide real support for you. STRONG & SOFT at the same time: The brown leather dog leash comes already treated and broken in, ready to be used as a leather leash for large dogs, medium or small dogs. MADE TO LAST: The 6 foot dog leash leather is carefully manufactured using a single long leather piece. It is also a little stretchy to avoid cracks over time. The paint is high-quality and does not transfer to your hands or clothes. CHEWING PREVENTION: You get a FREE small bag to keep the leash in it when you are in the house. We don't want “the chewers” to find the leash dogs leather, right?! SAFETY: Your dog will not get away with this leather leash – it keeps you both SAFE! The Adityna Leather Training Leash creates the perfect experience for you and your lovely friend.

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